How to Move a Doubles Badminton Court

Playing badminton is a fun way to stay active, exercise, and have fun with friends. Badminton can be played in doubles or singles. Doubles badminton requires specific strategies and techniques to be successful. One of the most important skills in doubles badminton is the ability to move to the court as a team. The following article will discuss how to move a doubles badminton court.

Understanding the Court

Before attempting to move a doubles badminton court, it is important to understand the court and its layout. A doubles badminton court is slightly larger than a singles court, measuring 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. The court is divided into two sides, one for each team. The net is placed in the middle of the court and is 5 feet high in the center and tapers to 4 feet 6 inches on the sides. The court is marked with lines to indicate the boundaries of the court and the playing area.

Positioning and Communication

The most important aspect of moving a doubles badminton court is positioning and communication between the two players. It is important for both players to understand their roles and responsibilities on the court. The two players should be positioned on opposite sides of the court, with one player in the forecourt and the other in the backcourt. The player in the forecourt is responsible for attacking the shuttle and putting pressure on the opponents. The player in the backcourt is responsible for defending against opponents’ shots and providing support to the player in the forecourt.

It is important for both players to communicate with each other to ensure they are both in the right position on the court. The players should indicate to each other who is in the forecourt and who is in the backcourt. This will help them coordinate their movements and make sure they are not both in the same position.

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Footwork and Movement

The next step in moving a doubles badminton court is to practice your footwork and movement. Footwork is essential in doubles badminton as it will allow you to quickly move around the court and anticipate your opponents’ shots. Footwork should be practiced in drills and in game situations. In drills, players should practice moving around the court quickly and efficiently, using small steps and shuffles. In game situations, players should practice moving to the correct positions on the court and reacting to their opponents’ shots.

In addition to practicing footwork, it is important to practice your court positioning. You should be aware of where you and your partner are in relation to the court and the net. This will help you coordinate your movement and ensure you are in the correct position to support your partner.

Anticipation and Strategy

The final step in moving a doubles badminton court is to practice anticipation and strategy. In doubles badminton, it is important to anticipate your opponents’ shots and be ready to move to the correct position. This will allow you to defend against your opponents’ shots and put pressure on them.

In addition to anticipation, it is important to develop a strategy with your partner. You and your partner should discuss your strategy and decide who will attack, who will defend, and who will set up the shots. This will allow you to coordinate your movements and put pressure on your opponents.


Moving a doubles badminton court is an important skill to have in order to be successful in doubles badminton. It requires understanding the court, positioning and communication, practicing footwork and movement, and anticipating and strategizing. With practice and dedication, you can become a successful doubles badminton player.