Why Is China Not in Badminton Asia?

Badminton is considered one of the most popular sports in the world and it is especially popular in Asia. Countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan have all been successful in badminton, but there is one major country missing from the list – China. Despite its large population, badminton is not as popular in China as it is in other parts of Asia. So, why is China not in badminton Asia?

Differences in Cultural Preferences

One of the main reasons why badminton is not popular in China is because of the country’s cultural preferences. In China, sports such as table tennis, basketball, and football are more popular than badminton. These sports have a longer history in China and are seen as more “traditional”. This means that Chinese people are more likely to play and watch these sports than badminton.

Also, badminton requires a lot of physical strength and agility, which is something that the Chinese people do not necessarily prioritize. They tend to favor more strategic sports like table tennis and chess, which require a different kind of skill set.

Lack of Financial Support

Another reason why badminton is not as popular in China is because of the lack of financial and organizational support for the sport. Unlike other countries in Asia, China does not have a professional badminton league. This means that the best players in the country do not have the opportunity to compete against each other and gain the experience necessary to become world-class players.

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Furthermore, the Chinese government does not invest much into badminton and does not prioritize it when it comes to funding. This means that the sport does not have the financial resources necessary to develop and grow.

Lack of Professional Coaching

In addition to the lack of financial support, badminton in China is hindered by the lack of professional coaching. Badminton is a highly technical sport and requires players to have excellent technique and skills in order to be successful. However, in China, the coaching and training for badminton is not as advanced as it is in other countries. This means that players are not able to reach their full potential and that the sport is not able to develop and grow.


Overall, badminton is not as popular in China as it is in other countries in Asia. This is due to a variety of factors, such as cultural preferences, lack of financial support, and lack of professional coaching. As a result, China is not part of the badminton world in Asia and does not have a professional badminton league.