What is Out of Bounds in Badminton?

Badminton is a popular racquet sport which can be played both indoors and outdoors. It is a fast-paced game which requires players to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over a net. Players can score points if their opponent fails to hit the shuttlecock back over the net. To play badminton well, players need to be aware of the rules and regulations, including what is out of bounds.

Definition of Out of Bounds

Out of bounds in badminton is a term which refers to a situation in which the shuttlecock has been hit outside the court or has failed to cross over the net. When a shuttlecock is hit out of bounds, the point will be awarded to the opponent and a new rally will begin. Out of bounds shots can occur for a number of reasons, including when the shuttlecock is hit too far out of the court, when it fails to cross over the net, or when it lands on the floor outside the court.

Types of Out of Bounds Shots

There are three main types of out of bounds shots in badminton. These are:

1. Long Shots: Long shots are shots which are hit too far out of the court. This could be either a forehand or backhand shot, and can occur when a player misjudges the distance or when they hit the shuttlecock with too much power.

2. Net Shots: Net shots are shots which fail to cross over the net. This could be due to a player hitting the shuttlecock with too much spin or not enough power.

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3. Floor Shots: Floor shots are shots which land on the floor outside the court. This can be due to a player’s bad judgment or when the shuttlecock is hit with too much power.

How to Avoid Out of Bounds Shots

To avoid hitting out of bounds shots, players need to be aware of their own limitations and practice the correct technique. Here are some tips to help you avoid out of bounds shots:

1. Practice: Practicing your shots is the best way to ensure that you can hit them correctly. The more practice you have, the better you will become at controlling the shuttlecock and knowing the distance it needs to travel.

2. Judge Distance: Be aware of how far you can hit the shuttlecock and practice judging the distance. Knowing the distance of your shots will help you to avoid out of bounds shots.

3. Don’t Overpower Shots: Don’t be tempted to hit the shuttlecock with too much power. This can cause it to fly out of the court or fail to cross the net.

4. Use Spin: Spinning the shuttlecock correctly can help you to keep it in bounds. Using the correct spin can help to control the shuttlecock and make it easier to hit the correct shots.


Out of bounds shots can be a common occurrence in badminton, but with practice and the correct technique, you can avoid them. Knowing what is out of bounds, what types of shots can be out of bounds, and how to avoid them is key to playing badminton successfully.