What Do You Get if You Win Badminton Horse Trials?

Badminton Horse Trials is one of the most prestigious and challenging equestrian events in the world. Every year, the best riders from around the globe compete against each other to prove their mettle and win the coveted title of Badminton Horse Trials Champion. But what do you get if you’re lucky enough to be crowned the champion?

A Trophy and Prize Money

The most obvious reward for winning Badminton Horse Trials is the trophy. Every year, the winner receives a beautiful silver trophy, which is a replica of the Badminton House Cup. Along with the trophy, the victorious rider also receives a substantial prize, which varies each year. In the past, the winning rider has earned anything from £12,000 to £50,000.

The Prestige and Fame

Winning Badminton Horse Trials is a huge accomplishment and one that comes with a great deal of prestige and fame. Not only does the champion rider have the honour of having their name etched into the history books, but they also get to bask in the spotlight of being recognised as one of the world’s most talented equestrians.

The Opportunity to Represent Your Country

Winning Badminton Horse Trials also gives riders the opportunity to represent their country in international events. The winner of the event is usually selected to compete at the Olympics, the World Championships, and other major international competitions. This gives riders the chance to show off their skills on an even bigger stage and represent their country proudly.

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The Chance to Compete in Other Major Events

Finally, winning Badminton Horse Trials also gives riders the opportunity to compete in other major events. For example, the winner of the event is often invited to compete in the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials and the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. These events are even more challenging than Badminton and require the highest levels of skill and finesse.


Winning Badminton Horse Trials is a huge accomplishment and comes with numerous rewards. From the trophy and prize money to the prestige and fame, the champion rider has a lot to gain from their success. Not only that, but they also get the chance to represent their country and compete in other prestigious events. All in all, winning Badminton Horse Trials is a truly rewarding experience.