How to Punch Clear in Badminton

Badminton is a sport that requires a mix of speed, agility, and precision. As such, it is important to master the basic techniques of the game, such as how to punch clear. The punch clear is an important stroke in badminton as it helps you to keep the shuttlecock afloat and away from your opponent’s reach.

Punching clear is all about executing the correct technique and making sure that the shuttlecock is hit in the right direction. It is important to practice the punch clear to ensure that you can consistently hit the shuttlecock in the right direction and with the right power.

What Is a Punch Clear?

A punch clear is a shot in which the player hits the shuttlecock with a flat, extended arm and a sharp, downward motion. The purpose of the punch clear is to keep the shuttlecock away from the opponent while keeping it in the air. The punch clear is a defensive shot, used to keep the shuttlecock away from your opponent rather than to score points.

Preparation and Execution

The key to executing the punch clear successfully is in the preparation and execution. Here are some steps to help you master the punch clear in badminton:

Step 1: Stand in the Ready Position

The first step is to adopt the ready position. This means standing with your legs slightly apart, knees bent and your racket held in front of you. Your arms should be slightly bent and ready to strike.

Step 2: Check Your Grip

The second step is to check your grip. Make sure that you have a firm grip on the racket, with your index finger and thumb resting on the strings. Your other fingers should be supporting the racket from underneath. This grip will give you the best control and power when executing the punch clear.

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Step 3: Gauge the Shuttlecock’s Flight

The third step is to gauge the shuttlecock’s flight. You need to watch the shuttlecock and anticipate where it will land. This will allow you to adjust your position accordingly and be ready to execute the punch clear.

Step 4: Move into Position

Once you have gauged the shuttlecock’s flight, you need to move into position. This is done by shifting your weight onto the foot closest to the shuttlecock, while keeping your non-racket arm out in front of you.

Step 5: Execute the Punch Clear

Finally, you need to execute the punch clear. This is done by extending your arm and bringing the racket towards the shuttlecock with a sharp, downward motion. Remember to keep your arm straight and ensure that your wrist is loose to maximize power.

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to mastering the punch clear is practice. Make sure to practice regularly to ensure that you can consistently hit the shuttlecock with the right technique and power. You should also practice in different scenarios, such as with different speeds and angles of the shuttlecock. This will help you to improve your skills and become more consistent in your execution of the punch clear.


The punch clear is an important shot in badminton, as it helps to keep the shuttlecock away from your opponent. It is important to master the technique of the punch clear so that you can consistently execute it with the right power and direction. Make sure to practice regularly and in different scenarios to ensure that you can master the punch clear and become a better badminton player.